window shade options

Cord Cleat

Provided with each shade as standard.  Pull the cord raising the shade to the desired height and tie off on the cleat.  To prevent dangling cords, a second cleat is included.  Available in brass or chrome.  Please avoid pulling the line cord into the edge of the shade as it damages the shade over time.  Simply pull the cord to the side and away from the shade.

Cord Lock

Available at no charge.  Allows you to easily raise or lower your shade and lock into the desired height.  Cord locks can be used on shades up to 70" wide.  Cord locks should not be used on shades that are higher than your reach.  Refrain from pulling the line cord into the edges of the shade as it will cause damage over time.  Simply pull the cord to the side of the shade and lock into place.  Cord locks require a minimum 3/4” deep headrail.  We will supply either white or brown depending on the fabric selected.  To prevent dangling cords, 2 cord cleats are included to tie off cords.

Front Operation

Front operation is available with cord cleat, cord locks and the clutch lifting system.  Front operation places the operating cord or loops within easy reach.   Front operation placces the shade fabric closer to the window.

Top down - bottom up operation

Top down bottom up is a great solution where privacy is a concern.  The option is available as either cord lock or cord cleat.  Two cords are installed allowing the top to be lowered independently.  The bottom continues to operate as a standard roman shade. 

Top down only - clutch lifting system

Top down only is available with our clutch lifting system.  

Fabric Lining

The fabric lining option offers additional privacy and/or sun control.  Available in Ivory or White.  The maximum width without seaming is 94”.  If seaming is required, we will seam horizontally at the upper quarter of the shade.

Room Darkening Lining Option

We offer room darkening lining.  Please contact us for details.

Clutch Lifting System

The optional clutch system with beaded chain loop makes it easier to lift larger shades.  Simply pull the white beaded loop to the desired height.  The beaded loop is approximately 2/3rd  the height of the shade.  The Clutch lifting system is available on 1-1/4" and 2” deep headrail.  Advise left or right pull.  A tension device will be provided with each beaded chain loop to permanently attach to your wall or window frame.  Shade side return flaps are provided on all outside mounted shades.  They will be the width of the headrail and 5” in length. 

Roller Shade

The roller shade option offers a modern, contemporary ambience.  The weave fabric wraps around a metal tube into a neat roll.  A white beaded loop allows you to raise the shade to desired height.  There are two ways that the fabric is rolled onto the tube- standard and reverse.  Standard roll lays flat against the window and is the more popular choice.  Reverse rolls operate at the front of the roll and are commonly used to avoid window hardware.  This option is often installed into a soffit  or ordered with an optional front valance.  For sheer shades, optional fabric lined front or reverse valances are available to conceal the operating mechanism.  Available up to 96” width and a maximum length of 120”.  This option requires a 3” deep headrail.  Please contact us for motorized options.


Please contact our team to discuss motorization options and requirements.


An optional valance is available on the front of the shade, reverse side of shade or both.  A front valance may be desired for a decorative element or to conceal lifting options on sheer shades.  A reverse valance or a fabric lined valance is preferable if a shade with a lifting option is visible from outside.

Multiple shades on a headerboard

We offer multiple shades on one headerboard.  Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project.