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In the natural world, there is a certain grace and balance that sets everything at ease. At Presidio Classics, we work to bring this serene glow, warmth, and harmony into your home—and into your life—with hand-woven, sustainable fiber window shade designs.


Our Presidio Classics team is a group of designers, artisans, and materials experts with over 50 years of experience in custom window designs. We supply the design trade with affordable, custom-fit, unique window shades in exquisite designs, sustainable materials and uncompromising quality.

We pride ourselves on unique, handwoven designs, personal service, and outstanding, quality products. We fulfill orders quickly and efficiently while never compromising the well-being of our partners or the environment. 

We are located just outside the Lombard Street Gate in the Presidio. We invite you to visit us at our showroom or online to experience the beautiful texture and play of light or goods bestow on a room.