measuring instructions

helpful guidelines before you measure

  • Be careful not to transpose the width and length - width is always the first measure
  • Use a metal tape measure for better accuracy
  • Round up to the next 1/8"
  • Measure each window even if they appear the same
  • Make notes of each window and its room and location within the room
  • Download our measuring guide to write down the specifications


Measuring Instructions:


Step 1

Decide on your mount type

Pick the mount type that works best for your window. Choices are inside mount (inside the window frame) or outside mount (outside the window frame).  Outside mounted shades attach either to the wall, window trim or ceiling.

Inside mounted shades are mounted inside the window frame for a clean architectural look.  A 1/4" space on each side of the shade is required for ease of operation.   Record the actual width of the window and we will automatically adjust the width for the required clearance.

Outside mounted shades are best if there is not enough depth in the window frame to mount a shade, or if there are other matters - such as door handles on French doors or protruding window locks  or the window not measuring truly square.

To check the squareness of a window, measure diagonally in both directions. If the measurement is off by ½" or more, an outside mount might be the way to go.

Window depth requirements for shades with cleat or cord lock operation is 1" depth, shades with clutch lifting option is 2" and roller shades require 3".

For cleat and cord lock operation, note whether the left or right side of the window is the preferred location for the pull cord.  Choosing either a clutch lifting system or roller shade also requires that you notate which side you would prefer the operation (left or right side).  Don't forget to write down which window you have measured.  Something like "master bedroom or living room window".  This will make installing them much simpler.


Step 2

Measure your windows


Inside mount measuring is best done with a metal tape measure for better accuracy.  Best practice is to measure width at the top, middle and bottom.  Please refer to our line drawings.

Record the smallest of the three measurements.  Repeat the same process for the length at the left, middle and right side.  Record the longest measurement if you want maximum coverage.  







Measure the width of the area you wish to cover, including any additional width coverage.  There should be 3-4 inches overage on each side of the window.  

Measure the length of the area you wish to cover, be sure to include the necessary length of the mounting area.  









Step 3

Place your order

Go to or call 877.938.1970.  We are excited to help with your order, please call or chat with us if you need any assistance or advise.